The recent horse meat scandal has made public the concerns genuine restaurant operators like myself, have had for decades.

Even in the hot food industry I question if some outlets are really using Cod and Haddock. Rumours are rife in our trade about operators using white “Fish” mislabelled as Cod.

I take great pride in the food I serve. We use the finest spices and ingredients in our pizzas, we use quality Icelandic Cod fished from sustainable sources. We use the best British Maris Piper potatoes.

I know the genuine price of good quality food. Believe me when I say pizzas and quality Cod can’t be bought for £1.99 of £2.99.

Consumers should question outlets about their food and their sources, in this tough economic climate bridges of trust should be built with valued customers. This is why a full list of out suppliers can be found to the right.

I can personally promise the valued customers of Sidhu’s we charge a fair price for quality food.

We are not and do not want to be the cheapest, but we are certainly one of the best hot food outlets in the North East!