All served with hot pitta bread, fresh crispy salad and chilli or garlic sauce.

£5.85 Donner Kebab £5.89 Kebab Meat, Chips and Salad £2.95 -£4.59 Tray of Kebab Meat £2.49 Pitta Salad £2.49 Tray of Salad £5.99 Chicken Tikka Kebab 100% British Meat low in fat £6.75 Mixed Kebab Chicken and Donner Kebab Meat with salad and sauce £3.59 - £4.59 Kebab Buttie



£4.59 Donner Kebab wrap Premium wrap, Donner Kebab meat, fresh salad, chilli or garlic sauce £4.75 Chicken Tikka Wrap 100% Chicken breast meat (low in fat), premium wrap, crispy salad, chilli or garlic sauce £3.49 Salad Wrap and Cheese Premium wrap, Mozzarella Cheese, crispy salad, chilli or garlic sauce £4.75 Southern Chicken Wrap Strips of boneless SFC served with saland and any sauce £4.49 Super Veg Wrap Sliced Veggie Pattie served with salad and any sauce £4.75 Chicken Strips Wrap 3 strips of boneless chicken breast served in a tortilla wrap with salad or chips and any sauce