£2.99 Poppin Chicken Portion of succulent chicken pieces coated in a SFC crispy coating served with a tomato, BBQ, chilli or garlic dip £3.99 (5) - £6.99 (10) Chicken Strips Succulent pieces of white chicken breast, coated in crispy breadcrumbs, served with chilli, tomato or garlic dip £3.99 (5) - £6.99 (10) Spicy Chicken Strips Chicken strips, succulent chicken pieces of white chicken breast in a mildly spicy, crispy coating served with chilli tomato or garlic dip £3.99 (5) - £6.99 (10) Southern Fried Chicken Strips Succulent pieces of boneless chicken breast coated in a SFC seasoning £2.49 Chicken Nuggets (8) £1.59 Onion Rings (10) £2.59 Breaded Mozzarella Sticks (4) Classic Mozzarella cheese in a 4 £2.79 Crispy Garlic Mushrooms (8) Fresh button mushrooms coated in mild garlic butter crispy breadcumbs, served with a garlic, tomato, BBQ or chilli dip