Our Gravy

It’s made fresh, in store, every morning and partners our Pukka Pies like a marriage made in heaven!

Our Curry

Its real Old fashioned chip shop curry. No sultanas, No fruit just traditional chip shop curry. Poured over a chip buttie it’s simply perfect! How do we know? Because we also make it in store, Fresh, Every Morning.

 Our Chilli Sauce

It’s more than just Chilli, with over 4 different spices and our secret ingredient our chilli sauce is a little bit special. And it’s also free of artificial flavours and preservatives. How do we know? Because we make it fresh daily in store.

 Our Garlic Mayo

If it’s not Hellmann’s it’s not good enough for Sidhu’s! The best Hellmann’s mayo, made with free range eggs and a handful of secret ingredients make our garlic sauce the best! And what’s more we make it fresh in store daily so the only other thing that’s added is the delicious taste!

 Our Spicy Chilli Sauce

Made with Ancho, Bell and Cayenne Chilli flakes and 3 other secret spices. It’s made daily in store and enjoyed with our kebab meat it’s a marriage made in heaven! It’s not too spicy but just hot enough to be perfect!

 Donner Kebab Meat

Our Kebab meat is made locally in the northeast. It is halal and made with the finest Lamb and Beef and mixed spices.

 Fish Cakes, Cheese and Meat Savory’s

Our patties are made and supplied locally in North Shields!

 Bread Buns

Our soft delicious, fluffy bread buns are made and delivered fresh every morning! And what’s more they are baked by local bakers locally in the north east!

 Our Chips

Fresh potatoes are delivered three times a week, they are washed, peeled, and chipped in store. Frozen pre pared chips? Now that’s a swear word.

 Our Fish

Our Cod and Haddock are filleted in store every morning. All bones are removed so it’s perfect fish every time!

 Delectable Pizzas

Our Pizza bases are mixed, rolled and stretched fresh every day. We do all the hard work, so the only work you need to do is chose your toppings!

Chicken and Mushroom and Steak Pukka Pies

Pukka pies are the finest quality and full to the brim of meaty fillings! They Are free from hydrogenated fats and Contain no preservatives or artificial flavourings.


We only use Mattessons Smokey sausages, no comprise with 95% Pork content they are the best on the market!

 Fish Fingers

We only use Birds Eye fish fingers with added omega oils. Just perfect little pieces of fish for your little perfect children!