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Sidhu’s more than just food

The Sidhu Family have been working in the North east community since 1989 and in Hot food since 1999, for over a decade we have been developing the way we cook food, how we cook food and how we dispose of waste.

Our business is our way of life we love what we do, we work with local community and care about our surroundings.

Did you know we recycle over 90% of our waste, from plastics, to tins and even our cooking oil is transferred to Bio Diesel!

We don’t offer cheap gimmicks’ or misleading, “but one get one free” offers, its quality food at simple fair prices, quality comes at a prices and it’s not free.

With in store schemes’ like “How’s my Frying” and “Food Sport and Thought” we, along with our partners, are making better community links in our area.

Hows My Frying?

This gives you, the valued customer a say in, what we do well and what we could do better. In our shops you will find a comment box write down your thoughts, tell us what you like and what you don’t and even if you’re just feeling lonely and want to express your thoughts, don’t worry! We’ll be your friend!

Food Sport and Thought

We at Sidhu’s believe local community spirit is precious that’s why we are working with Battle Hill Primary School and supplying them with new football strips to make relationships between businesses and the community stronger.

Thirty Minute Guarantee

Also from Jan 2015 we have been offering the 30 min guarantee. All our fried products are given a 30 min shelf life so it’s a better fresher taste every time. We are the only hot food outlet offering this in the North East!