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A Word From Mr J Sidhu

The recent horse meat scandal has made public the concerns genuine restaurant operators like myself, have had for decades.

Even in the hot food industry I question if some outlets are really using Cod and Haddock. Rumours are rife in our trade about operators using white “Fish” mislabelled as Cod.

I take great pride in the food I serve. We use the finest spices and ingredients in our pizzas, we use quality Icelandic Cod fished from sustainable sources. We use the best British Maris Piper potatoes.

I know the genuine price of good quality food. Believe me when I say pizzas and quality Cod can’t be bought for £1.99 of £2.99.

Consumers should question outlets about their food and their sources, in this tough economic climate bridges of trust should be built with valued customers.

This is why a full list of out suppliers can be found to the right.
I can personally promise the valued customers of Sidhu’s we charge a fair price for quality food.

We are not and do not want to be the cheapest, but we are certainly one of the best hot food outlets in the North East!

Latest Reviews

Family ordered a meal mostly pizzas and I have to say they were up there with the best, lovely dough and great chips. They weren't greasy and tasted fresh. The garlic sauce was one of the nicest I ever had! One of my new favorites!

Carl via Trip Advisor
Carl via Trip Advisor

Great little shop, was passing and got chips with sausage for free! (they were doing a promotion) lovely staff and clean shop and they deliver! Result!

Helen via Facebook
Helen via Facebook
Wow what a place this is. Absolutely faultless, lovely touch with the little joke on box and free sweets for little one. Took all notes and did everything I asked Deserves more attention does Sidhu's 6*
John via Just Eat
John via Just Eat

Our Food

It’s made fresh, in store, every morning and partners our Pukka Pies like a marriage made in heaven!

Its real old fashioned chip shop curry. No sultanas, no fruit just traditional chip shop curry. Poured over a chip buttie it’s simply perfect! How do we know? Because we also make it in store, Fresh, Every Morning.

It’s more than just Chilli, with over 4 different spices and our secret ingredient our chilli sauce is a little bit special. And it’s also free of artificial flavours and preservatives. How do we know? Because we make it fresh daily in store.

If it’s not Hellmann’s it’s not good enough for Sidhu’s! The best Hellmann’s mayo, made with free range eggs and a handful of secret ingredients make our garlic sauce the best! And what’s more we make it fresh in store daily so the only other thing that’s added is the delicious taste!

Made with Ancho, Bell and Cayenne Chilli flakes and 3 other secret spices. It’s made daily in store and enjoyed with our kebab meat it’s a marriage made in heaven! It’s not too spicy but just hot enough to be perfect!

Our Kebab meat is made locally in the northeast. It is halal and made with the finest Lamb and Beef and mixed spices.

Our patties are made and supplied locally in North Shields!

Our soft delicious, fluffy bread buns are made and delivered fresh every morning! And what’s more they are baked by local bakers locally in the north east!

Fresh potatoes are delivered three times a week, they are washed, peeled, and chipped in store. Frozen pre pared chips? Now that’s a swear word.

Our Cod and Haddock are filleted in store every morning. All bones are removed so it’s perfect fish every time!

Our Pizza bases are mixed, rolled and stretched fresh every day. We do all the hard work, so the only work you need to do is chose your toppings!

Pukka pies are the finest quality and full to the brim of meaty fillings! They Are free from hydrogenated fats and Contain no preservatives or artificial flavourings.

We only use Mattessons Smokey sausages, no comprise with 95% Pork content they are the best on the market!

We only use Birds Eye fish fingers with added omega oils. Just perfect little pieces of fish for your little perfect children!

We Don’t

Freeze our pizza base’s like some of our competitors do. They are mixed, rolled and baked fresh instore daily!

We Use

The finest cod. So we are sorry you may have to wait. We only fry fish to order. This way they are fresher, crispier and tastier for longer!

How Long?

Not more than 30 minutes. Thats our freshness promise. Any fried foods not sold after 30 minutes are disposed.

Our Suppliers